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Does the Cryoshower come with a warranty?

The Cryoshower comes with a 12-month warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights and is subject to normal wear and tear.

Where is the product made?

The product assembled in the EU, however, the products are sourced from all over the world.

How big is the Cryoshower?

The product will be less than an A4 size of paper – the final product measurement will be defined in the next few months of product development Product: How long does the battery last? At full charge, the battery will deliver two full cycles of therapy. At that point, the battery can be recharged or a replacement battery can be added.

Is Cryoshower waterproof?

Cryoshower is waterproof and the valves prevent water entering the unit in the wrong place. That said it shouldn’t be submerged into water for extended periods of time.

Can you adjust the cold intensity?

The target cold temperature and the length of the intervals can be selected according to your level of expertise. The programmes can be adjusted to suit your requirements, or by using the app follow one of the pre-programmed expertise levels.

Is there a charger in the box?

Yes there is a charger for the battery included in all the product packages we have available on the Kickstarter platform.

Does Cryoshower need a remote control?

Cryoshower can be activated via the unit or the app thats downloaded on your phone or tablet, no need for a remote control.

Does Cryoshower have a timer?

Cryoshower has a timer built in to ensure the most effective programme and usage, please look at our programmes by sport to see how this may help you

How can I contact someone at Cryoshower? NEED EMAILS ETC HERE......

Please email or send us a message via social media @CryoShower

Pledge: Can I Switch pledge levels?

Yes you can, you may switch pledge levels at any time during the
campaign. If we offer a sale or package that is better than you’ve
already committed to then feel free to switch over

If you are a First in line backer you already secured the quickest
available slot do not switch into a more expensive package! Contact us.
If you cancel your first in line status there is no way for us to walk
it back for you and we won’t be able to cross reference an earlier
status as that data is deleted.



Sports include: Archery, Car/Motor Racing, Curling, Equestrian, Golf, Sailing, Shooting, Table Tennis.

Skill: If your sport is listed under the “Skills” discipline we at CryoShower recommend either the CryoShower or the CryoShower Plus.

Rationale: Mental Agility is one of the main attributes for a competitor in the Skills discipline.  The ability to control breathing and focus at key moments. Training breathing and mental agility through the use of the CryoShower will help take the users performance to the next level.


Sports include: Alpine Skiing, Bobsleigh, Discus/Javelin, Shot-putting, Snowboarding, Sprinting, Water Skiing, Weightlifting, Wrestling.

Power: If your sport is listed under the “Power” discipline we atCryoShower recommends the CryoShower Plus model.

Rationale: Participants of this category will benefit from the CryoShower Bath function as it makes ice baths convenient. Full submersion of the body in cold water ensures all muscle groups are targeted.  Winter and Water sports are listed as part of the power category. CryoShower Plus will enable the user to gain additional tolerance to environmental factors while participating in their sport.


Sports include: Boxing, Canoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Crossfit, Cycling, Mid-long Distance Running, Mid-Long Distance Running, Mid-Long Distance Skating, Mid-Long Distance Swimming, Pentathlon, Rowing, Triathlon

Endurance: If your sport is listed under the “Endurance” discipline we at CryoShower recommend the CryoShower Plus.

Rationale: Users who identify in this category will benefit from the CryoShower Bath function as this will allow the User to take convenient Ice Baths, which in turn allows for the full submersion of the body ensure all muscle groups are targeted.  Due to the design of the CryoShower the User will be able to target individual muscle groups as and when there is that requirement. Water sports are listed, another benefit to the CryoShower Plus is the User will gain additional tolerance to environmental factors during participation of their sport.


Sports include: Basketball, Cricket, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Ice/Field Hockey, MNA, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Waterpolo, Volleyball.

Mixed: If your sport is listed under the “Mixed” discipline we at

CryoShower recommends the CryoShower Plus.

Rational: Users who identify in this category will benefit from the CryoShower Bath function as this will allow the User to take convenient Ice Baths, which allows full submersion of the body ensure all muscle groups are targeted.


When is the expected delivery date?

As long as the development and testing goes according to plan we should be in a position to ship out the first introductory units at the end of June 2021. The plus model, including the bath tap & filter will be ready to ship at the end of August.

How long will my product take?

Once we have dispatched a tracking number will be assigned to your delivery, shipping timings will dictated by your location in the world.

Is duty due on my pledge?

Duty may be due for payment in your location, this will be defined by your local customs office and will be due on delivery Shipping: Do you ship internationally? Yes! The product will be certified for sale in the UK, EU and USA.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! The product will be certified for sale in the UK, EU and USA.


Where are you based?

The team is based in the south of England, UK and Nevada USA.

Who owns the company?

The company is owned and run by the Skivington brothers. Other investors will be brought on board as the company grows. If you are interested in investing in the company please email