New Year… New Me

The turn of the year sees many new resolutions made, indeed over time many of us have fallen into this, be it to lose weight, say yes more, try a new sport … food … activity … social regime, but over time many of these items fall by the wayside, not because they aren’t important anymore, but generally because getting the new habit to stick is difficult. It takes commitment, time, resources, and because we are all pulled in many directions the priority changes, and the following year you find yourself thinking of the same thing and wishing that last year had been the year that you had stuck at it.

So how is it best to make a habit stick …

We are all different, a tracker, a buddy, a reward these all work differently for all of us, but the one part of all of this that’s important is the benefit we get from the commitment. How quickly we see that benefit and how long it stays around for, so if we lose weight for 30 days and forget about for the next 335 … the likelihood is the benefit isn’t going to be felt.

Cold therapy, cold showers, ice baths have a benefit that can be felt quickly, a mood lift the first time isn’t necessarily noticeable, but a third, fourth, fifth time and then you start to want that feeling every day, being able to recover faster, see weight loss … these are benefits that can be really felt. But they are also missed, once you have started and stop

So if you are wanting to start to feel better, plan for it, look at all the elements that can contribute, and stick at them consistently for longer. Not just what you have always done and given up on … but changing the habit, adding cold therapy into your regime, and tracking the benefits that you feel, as well as see.

Cryoshower has an app on android and apple that will help you track your progress, as well as getting started booklet to download on their website, all free resources to help you feel the benefit.

Take your New Year, New Me to a whole new level, and focus on a new future, one where you have achieved your resolutions!

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